Marketing Matters


For many low budget productions simply scraping funds together for a shoot or a show is challenge enough.  There are so many expenses and things to think about just to make it to the Martini Shot or Opening Night that many first time producers lose sight of the importance of MARKETING.

Many short/independent films run out of money during post and it is a struggle just to get to a final cut, but without marketing who will ever see it?  Festival submissions add up as well.

Many theatre productions spend all their resources on what’s happening on stage and lose sight of the fact that getting an audience in the seats is a matter that requires attention as well.

I have said in the past, and I stick to my belief that “if you build it they will come” but you still have to let people know it’s out there.

The difference in marketing for film  versus theatre is: for film most of the marketing is done after the film is shot, for Theatre most of it is done before the show opens.

During Pre-Production make sure you address how you plan to Market you project and include Marketing costs in your budget.

Here are a few Marketing Materials that every production should have:

WEB PRESENCE (Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog, etc)

ARTWORK (Logo, Flyer/Poster with info)

SYNOPSIS (1 Line, 1 Paragraph, 1 Page)

PHOTOS (Cast & Crew w/Bios, Production Stills)


For more information about getting your production off the ground go to

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