Showtime Anxiety


After months of preparations, hard work, long hours and just the right amount of drama, it is showtime.  Whether you are shooting a film or mounting a live production the shoot or opening tends sneak up on you no matter how prepared you think you are for it, especially if it is your first production.

Just breathe.  You’ve got this.  You have your team, your cast, your production bible and your unrelenting drive to make your production happen.  It is ok to be nervous.

Some things will go wrong.  Be prepared for that.  People will arrive late, you might lose power during a take or a performance, someone will forget to bring something they need (a wardrobe piece, a prop, a piece of equipment).  The key is to just keep rolling with the punches no matter what, keep your cool.  Getting angry or frustrated won’t accomplish anything, just focus on how to move forward.

Showtime might be terribly nerve-wracking for the producer; for indie theatre chances are you barely had a full run-through with all the technical elements and have your fingers crossed it will all come together.  For a shoot you might be worried about the crew gelling and making your days because you are shooting a feature in 10 days for 10k.  However nervous or stressed out the procurer is, for the cast and crew showtime is when all the talent you have put together has their chance to make magic happen.

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2 Responses to Showtime Anxiety

  1. Chris Berry says:

    Exactly what has happened to us. Tech run Thursday, Dress Friday afternoon, show Friday night. Why it is all packed into such a short time frame at the end I’ll never know. Bad planning comes to mind.

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