Make Your Own Break was founded by Award-Winning Writer/Performer and Producer Jennifer Lieberman to help writers and performers realize their creative goals by providing the tools to learn how to produce independent productions with little to no resources.

After years of pounding the pavement and knocking on doors with no success of breaking into the entertainment industry, Jennifer decided to take matters into her own hands and created the solo-show Year of the Slut. This show proved to be her break and the play went on to win the Audience Choice Award in New York City and is now the #1 Amazon Best Selling novel Year of the What? and the Scribble’s Worth Best RomCom of 2021.

Since deciding to make her own break Lieberman has appeared in over 30 international stage productions, has produced over 40 independent film and theatre productions and has helped over 100 creatives make their own break through her coaching and consulting work. She has penned a number of stage and screen plays and her short films have screened at the Festival de Cannes Court Métrage among other international festivals. She is currently gearing up to direct her first feature film.

During the 2020 Covid Pandemic Jennifer had the opportunity to help Executives and Business professionals hone their on-camera skills as the business world was forced into virtual communication. During this time she came up with a simple seven step program, implementing her filmmaking and performance skills, to help anyone and everyone master their virtual meeting every time. Based on her coaching experience she has published the book “Make Your Own Break: How To Master Your Virtual Meeting In Seven Simple Steps” making her method accessible to everyone looking to improve their virtual presence and presentation skills. 

For more information about her workshops and one-on-one consulting opportunities please click here or email her at makeyourownbreak@gmail.com.

“Not only is Jen a naturally gifted performer, she has worked hard to understand the business end of production and how it relates to both the bottom line production budget, and what appears on the screen or stage. Jen knows that creativity has certain requirements to work at it’s best, and she will make sure that you are not missing any chance at creating your best art if you are fortunate enough to have her help.”

-John Lordan, Writer/Director LordanARTS Productions​

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