Client Testimonials

“I knew that Jennifer was adept at producing, but I honestly would have never imagined that she was THIS good, especially that she does this in addition to her deep talents in writing, directing, and acting. I hired Jennifer to produce a sizzle reel for a new series I’m developing. She handled talent, props, schedules, locations, contracts, extras, still photography, vehicle rentals, table readings, casting, wardrobe and more than I can even put together here with ease.  She is a superb talent and an extremely balanced pro to work with, highly recommended.

-CJ Vanston, Grammy-Nominated Film Composer, Producer, Songwriter (“A Mighty Wind”, “Best In Show”)

“Having produced and directed a wide variety of film and television productions, I can’t think of a better producer than Jennifer. I always have peace of mind when she is involved in a project because I know that she is able to tackle any sort of objective. In the high stress world of production she is able to make things happen and create something from absolutely nothing.”

-Dan Nastro, Writer/Director/Producer Vevo, Music Choice, The NY Jets

“Jennifer Lieberman at Make Your Own Break is a Producer’s secret weapon! She dialed my theatrical budget and technical Rider in a flash! She knows the industry and how to best present an artist’s needs so they can put their shining, best foot forward in the industry. Unapologetically. Professionally. Succinctly. She listened to my needs and adjusted in a flash. She is indeed the solution!!!”

​-Cindy Marianangel, Actor/Producer, “Dietrich” Play

“Jennifer Lieberman is a rare talent. Her unfailing drive and good old-fashioned, down-to-brass-tacks, get-it-done attitude is a winning combination for any creative endeavour. She is adept at wearing many hats — actress, writer, producer, teacher — creating her artistic well of dramatic resources, knowledge and skills. I would hire her again and again to work on any of my projects — regardless of how big or small — because her work and support of my artistry has been one of the secrets of my continuing success.”

-Robin Shaw, Writer/Director

“Jen is an efficient and high energy producer who can circumnavigate any challenge to meet the task at hand. Her excellent communication skills and exemplary work ethic have helped her to cement an elaborate network of dedicated industry professionals that she can draw from. Jen brings to the table an energy and a focused enthusiasm that is unmatched and as a result there is no producing challenge that is beyond the realm of what she can accomplish. She is a pleasure to work with.”  –   

-Ronnie Smilovici, Writer/Director Northern Edge Media