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Master Your Virtual Meeting Every Time!

Our world has evolved into this incredible global community. Thanks to the technological advances of our time we can travel the world and have face-to-face conversations with family, friends and colleagues thousands of miles away without ever leaving our living room. The evolution of technology has afforded us experiences that were never possible one or even two decades ago. We are able to communicate in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time of day. How cool is that?
The benefits of these capabilities are countless and as we become more adept with this type of communication, the more we have become reliant on it for our businesses and work efficiency. Like everything, along with the positives there are a few less positive aspects of the business world going virtual; some of us feel a little lost. It’s okay, you’re not alone.

If you are not in broadcast or a professional performer, chances are you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. There are simple trick that the pros use to look great and present a polished presentation on camera that you can learn and apply to your own virtual meetings.

Many of us feel more self-conscious on camera than when we are physically in front of the people we are meeting with for a pitch, presentation, board meeting, brainstorming session or even a simple work check in. Many of us feel that our office environment fuels us towards success and are unsure of how to connect powerfully and leave an impact during a virtual meeting. Using my expertise as a professional actor, producer and director I have many on-camera tips and tricks to share to help you master your virtual meetings, every time!

I cover the technical aspects from camera placement and lighting setup to presentation techniques specific to achieving an impactful on-camera performance. If you are interested in learning a consistent and effective method to master your virtual meetings Lieberman’s simple seven-step approach is for you.

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