Weekly Inventory


When in the throws of a production it is easy to get caught up in certain details while other aspects get lost in the shuffle.  This is where the “Production Bible” can be a life saver, keeping all the tasks and departments organized.  In addition to my Bible I also like to do a weekly “Inventory” meeting with my team (writer, producer, director and other key team members) to make sure we are all on the same page.  I start these meeting very early on in pre-production and continue them until the project is complete (not just done shooting or the first mounting of a performance; productions usually go on long after the shoot is over or the first workshop is performed).

For my weekly inventory meeting I insist on a face to face meeting as much as possible.  This serves  as an opportunity to check in with your team and see how they are doing in person.  Everyone has a chance to go over what they accomplished the past week and what they still need to tackle in the week(s) to come (securing location, reviewing artwork, going over casting choices, etc).  As the producer it is your responsibility to stay on top of your team, to be aware of what they need to accomplish and check up with them regarding progress.  This weekly meeting is an effective way to stay on top of everything without micro-managing.

When you sit down in a room face to face and break down the list of everything the production needs piece by piece the production becomes more manageable than when looking at the big picture.  I like to start these meeting with the big picture and break things down into manageable bites, then delegating the small pieces to different members of my team.  This is also a perfect place to brainstorm ideas for fundraising and marketing, locations, wardrobe, music etc…

If you don’t have a team yet, these weekly check-ins are still important.  Make the time to sit down with yourself and take a look at all the aspects of your production, make notes of what you have, what you need and what you need to do in the following week to stay on track.  Use this weekly meeting as a way to be accountable to yourself to ensure you stay on track with the production and stay committed to seeing it through.  Remember, this production is your baby and only you are responsible for its life and progress.

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