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theatre team

There are many people involved in bringing a production to life and all roles are integral to the success of your production.  Once you have a script to work with, a budget and a timeline you will need to start assembling a team.  the size of your team will depend on the size and scale of your production.

Here is a list of some of the people you will need to move forward with your production:

PRODUCER – in charge of all departments on and off stage and has final say over financial decisions.

DIRECTOR – in charge of all artistic/creative aspects of the production and collaborating with performers and entire creative team.

STAGE MANAGER – basically and assistant to the Director, in charge of scheduling, corresponding with performers, taking notes on all blocking and direction during rehearsal, keeping track of props and wardrobe (for smaller productions where there isn’t a prop or wardrobe department).  The Stage Manager is also in charge of “calling the show” (feeding cast and crew their cues backstage) and running everything once the show opens and the directors job is done. On larger productions the SM may need an assistant or several.

SCENIC DESIGN – in charge of designing the setting for the production.

CARPENTER/BUILDER – in charge of building Scenic Designer’s plans.

LIGHTING DESIGNER – in charge of designing the lighting plot for the production (this may include hanging and taking down lights, it does not include running the lights during the show.)

COMPOSER – in charge of designing original music for the show

SOUND DESIGNER – in charge of designing the soundscape of the show (sound cues and effects)

BOARD OPERATOR – in charge of running the lighting and sound cues during a show.  More involved productions might have separate people for lights, sound and projection.

WARDROBE – in charge of finding or designing/sewing costumes, laundry

DRESSER – in charge of helping performers change in and out of costumes backstage when time is tight between scene changes

PROP MASTR – in charge of tracking down/making and keeping track of all props.

CAST – the performers.

WEB DESIGNER – in charge of designing website

GRAPHIC DESIGNER – in charge of marketing materials, logos and artwork.

PUBLICIST – in charge of press releases, contacting media, getting critics to the show, generating a buzz with print and live interviews with cast/writer/director etc.


BOX OFFICE – selling tickets

USHER – in charge of handing out programs and assisting with seating, making sure theatre is tidy prior to patrons arrival.

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