When the Big Picture Feels TOO BIG…

Guerrilla Theatre


Taking on a production of any scale can be overwhelming, especially when you are at the beginning stages of development and raising funds.  Things can feel even more daunting if you are also juggling other jobs, auditions, rehearsals and the demands of everyday life.  I have learned a few skills to help me from getting too anxious and to stay focused.

1) Break the big picture down into much smaller pieces that are manageable by writing a list.  When you look at the entire project sometimes it seems like there is so much work to do the mere thought of it is paralyzing; fundraising, hiring your production team (director, stage manager, scenic design, publicist…), casting, rehearsal schedule, props, wardrobe, marketing, publicity, graphic designs, website, going viral, selling tickets.

2) Just breath.  You can only accomplish one thing at a time.  Once you have the “big picture” broken down into manageable…

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