To Fringe or Not To Fringe?

Guerrilla Theatre


Registration is now open for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Yesterday I attended their first ‘Town Hall Meeting’ of 2014 as I have a couple of productions in the festival.

What is a fringe festival?

It is a performing arts festival open to almost any genre  from Original Works, Performance Art, Spoken Word, Solo Shows, Puppetry, Musicals, Dance –  basically anything goes and this environment is especially friendly to experimental and avant-garde works.  The performances are scheduled back to back in several venues in a localized area (within walking distance from one another).  Productions generally have 10min to load in and set up, about an hour to do their show and then 10min to load out and make room for the next show (times vary from festival to festival).  Because of the time constraints and sharing space with other productions, these Fringe Shows are forced to be minimalistic in terms…

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