The Production Bible

Guerrilla Theatre


If there is one thing that is an absolute lifesaver when I am immersed in a full blow production it is my PRODUCTION BIBLE.  This single resource is hands down what keeps me afloat when I feel like I am drowning.

Organization is the key to running a production smoothly, the more prepared you are the more freedom you have to be flexible and to improvise.  The Production Bible is a crucial tool that I use in order to say on track….So what is it?  A Production Bible is basically all the information you need while you are producing neatly organized into one binder. Script with dividers separating each scene, Schedule with All Important Dates,  Contact Lists for Cast and Crew, etc…

I suggest making 2 copies, keep one at home and one with you (in your car/backpack).  I would also give a copy to your core team members…

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