The Money Ain’t Coming….’Till you get Moving!

Guerrilla Theatre


As an artist the most frustrating thing for me is to be in between projects…or more accurately out of work.   In the past 15 years that I have been down a creative path, even in a good year I spend more time “out of work” than working as an actor, writer or producer.  Most actors know that you will spend more time looking for work, auditioning and submitting than actually creating…  I don’t know about you but spinning my wheels running around was NOT why I got into performing in the first place.

Within my first year of living in New York City I got into a small theatre company in the East Village – Edge of Insanity Productions.  We only did new works, most of which were written for the core members of the company, one of them was even published – Galaxy Video.  After about 2 years…

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