Solo Show Performance Part 2 – Olympic Training

Guerrilla Theatre


Working on a Solo Performance Show is like training for the Olympics.  Like an elite athlete an actor must be focused, dedicated, self disciplined, self-motivated and relentless in their desire to achieve greatness.  An athlete’s life is consumed by focused training  – even beyond their sport/event they work on endurance, weight training, eating right, conquering the mental game (the list goes on) and there is no time for a day off when there is a competition approaching…I feel the same way about solo shows or one-person-shows.

Memorization, blocking and rehearsals are just a  portion of the work involved.  Here are a few things that helped me while in training for both of the solo shows I have performed.

You need an extraordinary amount of ENERGY to get through a solo performance and to keep the audience engaged, the longer the piece is, the more you will need.  Getting a proper…

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