Solo Performance Part # 1 – The Longest Monologue You Will Ever Memorize!

Guerrilla Theatre


Memorization is an important skill for every actor to master.  The quicker a performer can get off book (memorize his/her lines) the easier it is to play with the material and discover new meanings in the script.  The task of memorization is especially challenging when it comes to solo performances for several reasons – the length of the material, not having the support of a cast to take cues off of, staying on track while juggling several characters/accents/props.

To date I have produced 4 solo shows and played in 2, in total having worked on 5 different productions of solo shows (the overlap was my own show, which I both produced and played).  From my experience here are a few tips on how to tackle memorizing such a daunting piece of material:

1)        Rewrite the entire script by hand at least once.  I also find it helpful to go back…

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