Rolling With The Punches

Guerrilla Theatre

boxing gloves

When working on a production it is common to be sideswiped by many unforeseen factors; equipment malfunctioning, failing to back up footage properly, blackouts during a show, costumes ruined from sitting in paint or shrinking in the wash, people not showing up on time (or at all) due to traffic/car problems/weather/getting lost… just to name a few.

When it comes down to it, all the details fall on the producer.  It is the producer’s responsibility to keep it together and keep the production moving forward and running smoothly no matter what goes wrong along the way.  That may mean sending someone to pick up new equipment, having to re-shoot a scene or two, replacing wardrobe and even actors on the fly.  It is imperative for the producer to stay calm in these situations no matter what.  The producer’s reaction will dictate the reaction of the crew and the cast; if…

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