Let’s Try It!

Guerrilla Theatre


Sometimes producers walk a fine line when keeping balance between the creative process and the business of the production.  This predicament becomes especially challenging when working on low/no-budget productions where every dollar needs to be watched.  Often times directors will come to you with ideas for elaborate settings, costumes, and special effects.  For the sake of play, which is what you are in the business of, the best answer always is “Let’s try it!”.  It’s not a yes, it’s not a no it’s a ‘I’ll let you entertain the idea and come up with ways to execute it without it affecting the budget and we can discuss it from there’…  (Unless you foresee a major safety issue).

The knee jerk reaction is usually to say no.   When I was new to producing I would always default to no, I was too stressed about everything else I didn’t want another…

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