Don’t Overthink – Grab a Drink

Guerrilla Theatre


I have been accused of being a workaholic on more than one occasion.  One of my closest friends (a fellow writer/performer/producer) often teases me about my need to be productive every minute of every day.

Last week I went to a writing conference in Las Vegas; a 4 day event with many presenters, guest speakers, panel discussions and even an opportunity to pitch projects.  I had almost 2 months to prep for this event.  I had my 1-liners, my 1-page synopses, visual materials and had practiced and refined my elevator pitch for weeks.

The plan was to go to the event for its entirety, to be a good student, sit in on all the lectures, take really accurate notes and try and learn as much as possible.  I was going to be in bed early so I was rested and fresh each morning to network and take in all the…

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