Basic Budget Breakdown – Film Shoot

Guerrilla Theatre

fil budget I basically break down a film production into 4 parts: PRE PRODUCTION, THE SHOOT, POST PRODUCTION and MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION.  Pre Production can take a few days or years depending on the scale of the production.  During this time is when all the preparation for the shoot is done: setting up an LLC, opening a bank account, fundraising, scheduling the shoot, hiring your cast and crew etc.

Shoot schedules are based on a 12 hour ‘shoot day’ opposed to an 8 hour ‘work day’.  Cast and Crew rates are based on a 12 hour day, it is extremely common for a shoot day to run 18-20 hours.  The unions dictate overtime penalties and meal breaks, the union also mandtes a 12 hour turn around between the wrap of one day and the beginning of the next.   If your project is non-union it is best to negotiate overtime rates when…

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