Art vs Ego – Part 4, Collaboration

Guerrilla Theatre


About a year ago my friend asked me to collaborate with her on a film project.  The exercise was simple, write a short scene and shoot it.

In the past I was always hesitant to collaborate as a writer.  I had been writing since I was eight and already had too many ideas I couldn’t get down on paper fast enough.  I also am a producer so whenever anyone asked me to write with them I was skeptical.  Moreover I was arrogant, I would think to myself that the reason someone  wanted to work with me was because they couldn’t get their own production off the ground without my help.

This friend, however, had quite a bit of producing experience herself. So I met with her to discuss it.

Working on my solo show Year of the Slut, and taking it to a festival in New York was a…

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